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June 21, 2024: Added a reviews of Mazar-I-Sharif, three of  Narcotic 1st, 2nd & 3rd, Opaques & a short one of Salaam Alekum, Bastard.

June 20, 2024: Added a piece Side-Line: About Muslimgauze.

June 9, 2024: Added review of Blinded Horses, Complete Oblique, a short review of Emak Bakia & a couple for Intifaxa. Also added the Bryn Jones Speaks: Muslimgauze article (ed. This is basically a transcription of the Bryn Speaks release.) & the piece Exploring the concepts behind the music of Muslimgauze (in case you hadn't read it on the Arabbox site, I've added a link.).

May 25, 2024: Added reviews of Abu Nidal,  ArabboxAyatollah DollarFatah GuerrillaIranair Inflight Magazine, Jebel TariqIn Search Of Ahmad Shah Masood, Opaques & Uzbekistani Bizzare And Souk.

May 16, 2024: Added review of Hammer & Sickle, from Juno Records.

May 14, 2024: Added The Wire article on Chasing The Shadow Of Bryn Jones book, The Last Beat Feature: MuslimgauzeIsrael - Palestine and the History of Islam in Muslimgauze, Grey Area: Muslimgauze  & Muslimgauze: The Godking of Loop and Fatness. Added Spectrum Culture review of Turn On Arabic American Radio. Also added to Links Muslimgauze Memorial, NY City 5.26.2K17 / Djinn Dub by Abu Ama, Muslimgauze Memorial with Cheb Gero & My TOP 10 Muslimgauze albums! by Alpha-27.

May 1, 2024: Added the Interview with Bryn Jones/Muslimgauze by the VPRO radio station & the article Brief notes from a brave world: Muslimgauze to Articles & Interviews page. Added the TTZL Muziekblog review of Return Of Black September & the Isra Box review of Turn On Arabic American Radio.

April 30, 2024: Updated Links to include the Rate Your Music pages for E.g Oblique Graph & Muslimgauze.

April 26, 2024: Added E.g Oblique Graph – Complete Oblique, the origins of Muslimgauze to Articles section.

April 18, 2024: Added Richard Skinner poem to Articles section.

April 15, 2024: Added Muslimgauze on Souncloud to the Links page.

April 10, 2024: I've added the Complicated Sounds article/interview regarding The Muslimgauze Preservation Societ. As the whole piece relates directly/indirectly to Muslimgauze I thought it applicable.

April 8, 2024: Updated press pages for A.P Reworks Two, Amahar, Deceiver, Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye, Izlamaphobia, Jebel Tariq, Jerusalaam, Kabul, Lo-Fi India Abuse, Narcotic, Opaques, Return of Black September, Return To The City Of Djinn, Sadaam's Children, Salaam Alekum, Bastard, Split (Optimo), Sulaymaniyah & Uzbekistani Bizzare and Souk

March 31, 2024: Updated discography & added pages for Emak Bakia (2nd cassette re-issue), Iranian Female Olympic Table Tennis Team Theme (digital re-issue) & Kashmiri Queens (black vinyl re-issue).

March 30, 2024: Updated discography & added page for Uzbekistani Bizzare And Souk (vinyl re-issue). Also corrected the track listing on the 1st Uzbekistani Bizzare And Souk (digital re-issue).

March 29, 2024: Updated page for Camel Through A Needles Eye, adding the 3 additional cover versions.

March 28, 2024: Updated discography & added pages for Re-Mix & Re-Mix (re-issue).

March 27, 2024: Updated discography & added page for The Suns Of Arqa Mixes (Cas).

March 24, 2024: Updated discography & added pages for the digital re-issues of Iran, Vampire Of Tehran, Vote Hezbollah, Your Mines In Kabul, Zealot & Zuriff Mousa.

March 21, 2024: Updated discography & added a page for the re-press of Mazar-I-Sharif.

March 20, 2024: Updated discography & added pages Jaagheed Zarb (digital re-issue), Jah-Mearab (digital re-issue) & Jebel Tariq (digital re-issue) to the discography as well as created its individual page.

March 18, 2024: Updated discography to include Azzazin (Dbl-LP), Sect Of Hari Krishna (Dig), Unfinished Mosque (Dig re-issue), Uzbekistani Bizzare And Souk (Dig re-issue) & Uzbekistani Bizzare And Souk (2nd Dig re-issue). Updated Uzbekistani Bizarre And Souk (review page).

March 7, 2024: Added the page for the Glissando article.

March 6, 2024: Updated pages for The Extreme Years (1990-1994) (gold vinyl re-issue), The Extreme Years (1990-1994) (black vinyl re-issue), The Extreme Years (1990-1994) (US vinyl re-issue) & United States Of Islam (vinyl re-issue).

March 5, 2024: Official relaunch of the site.

December 31, 2023: Updated almost every area of the site, in preparation of the relaunch.

June 8, 2020; Added pages for Abyssinia Selasie (Dig), Deceiver 3 & 4 (Dig), Ryoji Ikeda Re-Mixs & Iranair Inflight Magazine (Dig).

May 22, 2020: Added Disco/graph & John Peel Wiki links to the Links page.

May 16, 2020: Added John Peel Wiki - Muslimgauze to Articles & updated press release for Salaam Alekum, Bastard (re-issue).

March 11, 2020: Added releases for Vote Hezbollah (LP), Vote Hezbollah (special edition LP), Al-Zulfiquar Shaheed (CD) & Al-Zulfiquar Shaheed (box set)

March 10, 2020: Added releases Maroon (Dig), Port Said (Dig), Salaam Alekum, Bastard (CD) & Salaam Alekum, Bastard (LP). Also added press release for Salaam Alekum, Bastard (CD & LP) & a review of Lalique Gadaffi Handgrenade.

February 10, 2020: Added release Return Of Black September (vinyl) & press release for Return Of Black September (vinyl).

December 27, 2019: Updated releases Babylon Is Iraq & Lalique Gadaffi Handgrenade. Also updated press release Lalique Gadaffi Handgrenade.

May 31, 2019: Added reviews to Azzazin (CD), Blue Mosque, Narcotic, Occupied Territories, Sandtrafikar & Zuriff Moussa

May 29, 2019: Added Shekel Of Israeli Occupation & Babylon Is Iraq to Discography & created individual pages for them. Also added press pages for Babylon Is Iraq, In Search Of The Abraham Mosque & Shekel Of Israeli Occupation, as well as added reviews to Drugsherpa, Farouk Enjineer, Hamas Cinema Gaza Strip, Lo-if India Abuse, Mazar-I-Sharif, Mullah Said (CD), Mullah Said (LP), Muslimgauze vs Species Of Fishes, Observe With Sadiq Bey, Red Crescent Part 3, Un-used Re-Mix's 1994-19955, & Uzi Mahmood.

March 21, 2019: The Shekel Of Israeli Occupation will be released @ the end of this month on the Ulta-Mail Prod. label. Also released is the Untitled CD on the Aquarellist label.

December 10, 2017: Added City Of Djinn re-issues to Discography & created individual pages for them.

December 7, 2017: Added Wish Of The Flayed CD to Discography & created individual page for it

December 5, 2017: Added Mullah Said LP to Discography & created individual pages for it.

April 24, 2017: Added track "Muslin Gauze Muslim Prayer" from 'Close To The Noise Floor' Dbl-LP version to Compilation Tracks.

January 15, 2017: Added Trial Mixes 1997-1998 to Discography & created individual pages for each version. Also added graphics to Silknoose & added 2 more handbills to the Triptych handbills page.

January 5, 2017: Updated Links Page & corrected release page for 2 Tracks.

January 3, 2017: Added Audion & Quietus articles & Hajj review.

January 2, 2017: Added Jerusalaam & Mohammad release & press pages.

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