Return To The City Of Djinn

Following on from 1997's "City Of Djinn" set, where the more enigmatic Muslimgauze put some choice Rootsman cuts through the mangle, here is the next chapter. This time there are 23 tracks included, and once stamped with Muslimgauze's original trademark style, the original cuts are barely recognisable. "City Of Djinn" has been one of the most popular sets in the Third Eye catalogue and sold out very quickly on it's release. It has not been available since then. On it's release, it gained strong radio support from John Peel on Radio One in the UK.

The Rootsman is the UK's leading experimental dubmaster and has even been tagged the "Spiritual Leader" of the UK roots genre. He has not been afraid to walk new paths away from the traditional roots reggae background, and this determination has meant that he has worked with artists from many different fields. In January, he will have two remixes released of the tribal metal band Soufly, formed by ex-Sepultura founder Max Cavalera. Rootsman continues to release a large volume of music, and 1999 will see a new solo set alongside collaborations with The Disciple, Dayjah, Gabriel Le Mar, plus a full collaborative collection with Muslimgauze. February 1999 will see Rootsman's third Polish tour taking place, to promote the release of "The 12" Mixes", a special compilation for the Polish market.

In a decade and a half, Muslimgauze has released over 50 albums! He continues to be as prolific as ever, and his music has continued to develop and absorb other influences. His controversial image and "uneasy listening" music style have ensured that he has remained a cult figure in the music world, but he commands a lot of respect and in erring devotion from his many fans worldwide. The last couple of years has seen Muslimgauze play more live shows and this has taken him to Sweden, Japan, Germany and Spain.

"Return To The City Of Djinn" will be released on Monday January 11, 1999 as a strict limited edition of 1000 copies worldwide.

Press release from Third Eye Music.

Released in January, 1999, just three days after the tragic death of Muslimgauze, this incredible collection carries on where the first volume left off. Industrial, tribal-style remixes that are a fitting testament to the unique talent that was Muslimgauze.

Press release from Third Eye Music.

Bandcamp Notes

The second part of the famous collaboration between two UK based electronic pioneers: John Bolloten aka The Rootsman and Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze.

For this album the original The Rootsman material from his albums Into The Light and 52 Days to Timbuktu was remixed and deconstructed by Muslimgauze. As always with Bryn Jones, all material is inspired by Arab culture.

We hear distorted dub rhythms, sawn-off loops, traditional music, male and female voices and then distorted rhythms again. Closing your eyes, you can find yourself in the middle of an eastern city, walk along its noisy streets, admire the ancient architecture. This noise can tell amazing stories!


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