Babylon Iz Iraq

The following appeared on An Adventurer in Text.

My main man, 'Mo' who runs Arabbox, sent me a preview copy of Babylon Iz Iraq, a full length. “Babylon Iz Iraq” appeared as a track on Unitone HiFi: Rewound & Redubbed compilation released in 1996. There were other tracks on the release, real killer ones not heard before. I think I lost a few decibels of hearing from cranking them so loud–forces of nature that they are. Babylon Iz Iraq will have a limited hard copy run and will be posted for free download as well. Mo was a great help for me with the book–I had him check the sequencing of all the album covers to appear in the book as the re-issues kept throwing me off. He caught a few errors and the fact I mistakenly thought a Russian bootleg release cover was an official one ("Farouk Enjineer"). Many thanks to 'Mo'. If you are a Muslimgauze head, you gotta check out his site and listen to "Wish of the Flayed", a previously unreleased Muslimgauze tape mastered for free MP3 download.

review by Ibrahim Khider
An Adventurer in Text (June 12, 2009)

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Hello Islamaphoniacs

Ladies and gentlemen it's my pleasure to announce the release of the album 'Babylon Iz Iraq' by Muslimgauze, the complete remixes of Unitone Hifi's album 'Wikkidness Increased'. All 14 tracks were made in 1996 by Bryn Jones, they are totally exclusive except 1 track released on 'Unitone HiFi - Rewound + Rerubbed'.

It's a very limited edition of 300 CDrs in a special 'Arigato' recycled paper packaging.

Get your copies on Arabbox & Fathom Distribution

Don't sleep!

Mo (April 4, 2010)

The following appeared on Soleilmoon mailing list.

Co-release from Canadian label Fathom Distribution and French label Muslimtapes, 'Babylon Iz Iraq' is a full Muslimgauze remix of "Wikkidness Increased" by Unitone Hifi. A clamorous electro-dub remix mutated nearly beyond recognition by the late Bryn Jones and mastered by Josh 'Alter Echo' Derry (who also mastered 'Lo-if India Abuse', 'Nomos' Return', and 'At the City of the Dead' on BSI Recordings) 'Babylon Iz Iraq' comes in an Arigato pack featuring satellite photography of Iraq oil fields, liner story on the release, a gorgeously printed disc and a sticker made from art work by Jones. This disc contains 14 tracks, 13 of which are unreleased. The title song appeared on the 'Rewound + Rerubbed' compilation in 1996.

Soleilmoon (May 21, 2010)

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Babylon Iz Iraq

May 21, 2010