Hammer And Sickle

The following appeared in Sounds.

Muslimgauze release a four-track EP called ‘Hammer And Sickle’ which features just drums, drum machines and metal percussion. It’s available from Bryn Jones, 447 Chorley Road. Swinton, Manchester for £1.20.

This item originally appeared in Sounds. (October 22, 1983)

The following appears on Staalplaat's Muslimgauze Bandcamp page.

A very old single from 1983 so you want to know how it started, then listen to this.

Hammer & Sickle on Bandcamp

see also Hammer And Sickle & Minaret-speaker

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Hammer & Sickle Hammer & Sickle (digital re-issue)

December 6, 2023