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Muslimgauze was a music project of Bryn Jones (17 June 1961 – 14 January 1999), a prolific British ethnic electronica and experimental musician who was influenced by conflicts in the Muslim world, with an emphasis on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. With dozens of albums released under the Muslimgauze name, Jones was remarkably prolific, but his mainstream success was limited due in part to his work being issued mostly in limited editions on small record labels. The name Muslimgauze is a play on the word muslin (a type of gauze) combined with Muslim, referring to Bryn Jones' preoccupation with conflicts throughout the Muslim world.

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Peel often played tracks from Muslimgauze on his show, as he was a fan of ethnic electronica. However, it is not known whether Peel tried to get Bryn Jones to do a session for his show or not. Since Bryn Jones's death, Muslimgauze music continues to be released. A track paying tribute to Bryn Jones was released by Mount Florida called 'A Tribute To Muslimgauze' and was played on Peel's show in December 1999.

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