Vampire Of Tehran

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Vampire Of Tehran

Staalplaat - STCD 127 (February 4, 1998)
includes gatefold insert, blank on the inside


  1. Sikh Out (10.29)
  2. Arabs Improved Spain (3.51)
  3. Black Islamic Garb (3.54)
  4. North Afrika Is Not So Far Away (3.27)
  5. Enchante, Monsieur (3.47)
  6. The Fly That Constantly Bites (1.05)
  7. Strap Sticks Of Dynamite Around Her Body (3.54)
  8. Fez Tishan (4.37)
  9. Zuriff Moussa (4.13)
  10. Full Metal Yashmak (6.03)
  11. Hamas Pulse For Revenge (3.14)

photo bt Shirin Neshat

Sleeve Notes:

Gholamreza Kordieh was dubbed the "Vampire of Tehran" because he preyed on girls and women at night, while working as a taxi driver. He was flogged, then lashed by relatives of his nine victims, then hanged from a mobile crane to the chants of "Allahu Akbar"; a just end.

Dedicated to a just end.

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