Uzbekistani Bizzare And Souk

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Uzbekistani Bizzare And Souk

(limited edition of 100)

Uzbekistani Bizzare And Souk

(limited edition of 1000)

Uzbekistani Bizzare And Souk (re-issue plus)

Important - IMPREC 007 (14/1/2002)
hand numbered limited edition issue of 1100 with the first 100 in a book bound museum board, letter pressed CD case including a Palestinian coin, a Muslimgauze button, wrapped in a 5 foot Palestinian flag and all bound by twine and the remaining 1000 in a deluxe hand fed letterpress chipboard digipak with clear tray
includes four tracks (marked) from Izlamaphobia

originally released by Staalplaat as part of Izlamaphobia, 1995 & as a DAT only release Uzbekistani Bizzare And Souk, 1996


  1. Abdul's Halal (4.37)
  2. Cafkir Wa Higra (4.57)
  3. With Indian Rope (3.37)
  4. Glass Mughal (.50)
  5. The Iranian Who Found Allah (3.04)
  6. Harijana (7.53)
  7. Rouge Amin Fraction (3.07)
  8. Glass Mughal (4.43)
  9. Cafkir Ma Higra (2.42)
  10. Abdul's Halal (4.50)
  11. Paper Gulag (9.55)
  12. Paper Gulag (5.12)
  13. Leboneeze (4.42)
  14. Khadija And Foreshta (from Izlamaphobia) (4.35)
  15. The Ottoman Muzeum Of Cherished Momentos (from Izlamaphobia) (3.53)
  16. The Limb Amputator Of Rinash (from Izlamaphobia) (3.25)
  17. The Iraqi Who Grew Orchids (from Izlamaphobia) (2.56)

design by Staalplaat

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There are some title differences between this issue and the originals. Track 2 is listed as "Cafkir Wa Higra" rather than "Takfir Wa Higra". Track 9 is listed as "Cafkir Ma Higra" rather than "Takfir Ma Higra". Track 14 is listed as "Khadija and Foreshta" rather than "Khadija and Fereshta". Track 16 is listed as "The Limb Amputator Of Rinash" rather than "The Limb Amputator Of Riyadh". Thanks for the pointers Ty. There is also some major differences in the indexing of tracks and therefore times relative to the two versions of Uzbekistani. (ed.)

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