untitled cassette from Soleilmoon

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Untitled (compilation)

Soleilmoon - SOL 2 (1988)
plastic bag with gatefold insert

tracks on side 1 were originally released as side 1 of Coup D'Etat (Permis De Construire, 1987) & tracks on side 2 were originally released as side 1 of Abu Nidal (Limited Editions, 1987)


side one

  1. Tabula Rasa (from Coup D'Etat) (6.04)
  2. Tonton Macoutes (from Coup D'Etat) (6.10)
  3. Emeute (from Coup D'Etat) (6.05)

side two

  1. Abu Nidal (from Abu Nidal) (7.20)
  2. Green Is The Colour Of The Prophet (from Abu Nidal) (8.16)
  3. Fatwa (religious decree giving recourse to terrorism) (from Abu Nidal) (6.05)

all songs written and played by Bryn Jones

see original release pages for any other information

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