United States Of Islam

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United States Of Islam

Extreme - XCD 007 (June, 1991)
includes booklet


  1. United States Of Islam (pt 1) (10.00)
  2. Xiao (12.00)
  3. Red Crescent (pt 1) (10.30)
  4. Muslims Of China (12.50)
  5. Red Crescent (pt 2) (10.35)
  6. United States Of Islam (pt 2) (9.45)

all tracks written/played by Muslimgauze

recorded & mixed in London by Mike C.
thanks for the sounds to the Percussion Ensemble Of Iran
samples of Radio Rabbat by The Fakir Brothers
design by Roger Richards
layout by Fabio Ongarato
sculpture by Doriana Corda
photography by Henry Jolles
executive producer Roger Richards

Sleeve notes:

Muslimgauze started at the time of Israel's invasion of Lebanon. As interest in the political situations of the Middle East evolved alongside interest in it's music. Since then support for the P.L.O. has been a source of influence upon the music of Muslimgauze, more so than of the area. From political situations, Muslimgauze create a musical response.

Each piece of music is influenced by a political fact. This recording is dedicated to Palestinians killed by Israel on "Allthnen As Aswad" (Black Monday) at Temple Mount, occupied Jerusalem.

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