Split (Minus Habens)

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Minus Habens - MBT 016 (1990)
fold out insert
limited edition of 100

released as F:A.R. / Muslimgauze


side one (F:A.R.)

  1. Manipulation (live extracts) (20.04)
    Napoli 1988
    Milano 1986
    Sargazzo 1986
    Parma 1987
    Milano 1988

side two (Muslimgauze)

  1. Death Of Saint Jarnaii Singh Bindranwaie (9.08)

front cover by Mauro Guazzotti
back collage by Ivan Iusco

special thanks to Guazz...!!!


The Muslimgauze track title, on the insert, is misspelled. It should read Bindranwale and not Bindranwaie. Also there appears to be an error in the actual title. The track on this recording is a version of "Political Asylum" that appeared on the "Blinded Horses" release. (ed.)

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