Speaking With Hamas (re-issue)

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Speaking With Hamas (compilation)

Staalplaat - STCD 140 (December, 2003)
clear jewel case tray
digipak sleeve


  1. Devour (from Fatah Guerilla) (9.58)
  2. Palestine Is Our Islamic Land (from Deceiver) (4.10)
  3. Return Of Black September (from Return Of Black September) (8.56)
  4. Thugee (from Return Of Black September) (18.03)
  5. 12 Azzazins (from Azzazin) (1.59)
  6. Anti-Arab Media Censor (from Fatah Guerilla) (4.48)
  7. Deceiver (from Deceiver) (8.57)
  8. Shaheed (bonus track) (9.21)

Sleeve notes:

A collection of limited edition series of 1996, selected by Muslimgauze. This is to be permanently available to people who don't deserve it.

A tourist asked Ali Muhamad, a second-hand camel salesman, why camels look so dam supercilious. The Arabs know 99 names for God but only the camel knows the 100th.


The track Thuggee is misspelled, it should be Thugghee. The track 12 Azzazins is actually just a numbered track (12) on the original Azzazin release. (ed.)

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