Speaker Of Turkish (hand made sleeve)

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Speaker Of Turkish

Soleilmoon - SOL 138 CD (January 9, 2006)
hand numbered limited edition of 400 in handmade papier mâché box, with a 2006 calendar card that displays the number, a sticker a paper insert
(see below)
there are five different calendar cards and ten different stickers


  1. The Good Muslim (4.47)
  2. Exit Afghanistan (16.10)
  3. Turkish Speaker (16.15)
  4. Bedouin Tablet (16.16)
  5. The Good Muslim (9.49)
  6. Shah of Persia (10.15)

Recorded at the Abraham Mosque, Manchester, 1997.

Engineer John Delf

paper insert

No two of these hand-made cases are exactly alike. Some of them lie flat when opened while others refuse to open all the way. The paper hinge joining the two parts of the CD case is weak & prone to failure. Do not attempt to flatten your CD case if it doesn't happen to open fully; the hinge will tear in half. Handle this CD with care.

Do not attempt to remove the small "Made in India" sticker from the back. Doing so will de-laminate the green paint from the case.

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