Shekel Of Israeli Occupation (silver version)

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Shekel Of Israeli Occupation

Ultra-Mail prod. - UMP-062 March 30, 2019)
gatefold sleeve in leather like material with silver foil print
limited editon of 30 with silver print t-shirt


  1. Caste (4.43)
  2. Khan Younis (7.05)
  3. Drugsherpa (20.21)
  4. Iraqikuwait (5.40)
  5. Amritsar (14.56)
  6. Jerusalem Knife (3.50)
  7. Yasser Arafat’s Radio (1.39)

all tracks written/recorded/performed by Muslimgauze

remastered by Anatoly Tokee Grinberg
art & sleeve design by Marco Roberti

Many thanks to Taras Ostashewsky for technical assistance, Sam Schwiransky for all of his insights, Yuen Kim Wah for his never ceasing enthusiasm and The Label for making it all happen.
Very special thanks to Peter Harrison & Rob Andrews.

Sleeve notes:

Bryn was so upset by “the handshake” between Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, that he immediately went to work on a new album. This turned out to be ‘Betrayal’ and he requested Staalplaat replace the release of ‘Shekel Of Israeli Occupation’ with the new album. The DAT was returned to Bryn who reused it for other recordings. The album was assumed to be long lost until many years later a British chap revealed a cassette copy, made for him by Frans de Waard then of Staalplaat. A master for the release was created from this cassette. Hopefully the sound has turned out well enough to make this a worthy addition to the Muslimgauze oeuvre.

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