A.P Reworks Muslimgauze (vinyl release)

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A.P Reworks Muslimgauze

Staalplaat - archive series volume five (September, 2011)
12" 45rpm EP
limited edition of 300


side one

  1. North Africa Is Not So Far Away From Revolution (6:27)
  2. Citadel In Nightlight (6:22)

side two

  1. Adrar N Tubqal (4:47)
  2. Cairo Catacomb (5:36)


“In 2008 during a large Muslimgauze transferring and remastering project for Roger Richards/Extreme Music, A.P recorded a remix as a bonus addition, applying a more drone and ambience based approach to counterpoint the Muslimgauze rhythms.

The year after three additional remixes were recorded as well, based on material transferred from the original DAT tapes from Bryn Jones archive. Having laid dormant since then these remixes are now released as part of the Staalplaat Muslimgauze archive series, with kind permission from Roger Richards."

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