Return Of Black September (CDr re-issue)

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Return Of Black September (re-issue)

Staalplaat - MUSLIMLIM 004 (July 30, 1999)
in original digipak sleeve
with insert & stock Staalplaat labels
limited edition of (approximately) 150

Return Of Black September was originally released by Staalplaat July 8, 1996

Although it has a subscription series catalogue number it is not actually a subscription series release.


  1. Return Of Black September (8.58)
  2. Libya (22.52)
  3. Thugghee (22.59)
  4. Remix Of Thugghee (actually a remix of Return Of Black September) (9.01)
  5. Remix Of Opiate And Mullah (4.35)


Though there are 5 tracks on this release the index only indicates 1.

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