Return Of Black September

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Return Of Black September

Staalplaat - MUSLIMLIM 004 (8/7/1996)
digipak sleeve
includes insert
numbered limited edition of 500

by sending in the insert along with a blank DAT and 6 IRCs you could receive the Uzbekistani Bizzare And Souk DAT

part of the Muslimgauze subscription series
(see subscription page for further details)


  1. Return Of Black September (8.58)
  2. Libya (22.52)
  3. Thugghee (22.59)
  4. Remix Of Thugghee (actually a remix of Return Of Black September) (9.01)
  5. Remix Of Opiate And Mullah (4.35)


Though there are 5 tracks on this release the index only indicates 1.

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