The Rape Of Palestine

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The Rape Of Palestine

Limited Editions - LIMITED 7 (April, 1988)


side one

  1. Shadow Of The West (8.20)
  2. The Muslim City (5.47)
  3. A Nation (3.53)

side two

  1. Ways Of Faith (10.12)
  2. The Power Of The Word (10.17)

all tracks composed by Muslimgauze

all sounds - Muslimgauze
produced - Senoj Nyrb
engineer - Roger
Muammar Murmur Music

Sleeve notes:

Muslimgauze vinyl releases are a string of thought provoking and almost theatrical forums for the unbiased understanding of Middle-Eastern culture.

Drums, Eastern percussion as well as a typical assortment of documentary tapes, which can be of Arab demonstrations at embassies or PLO rallies or songs of their ancient religions, are used to produce original music. With Muslimgauze perhaps the worlds only objective political arena for Middle-Eastern controversy is provided.

We can consider the culture behind the newsreels we see of effigy burnings, shootings, Israeli beatings and rallies against the occupation.

Muslimgauze records are always as appealing and original as they are rich in exotic culture, and they are a welcome change.

The political facts of Palestine, Afghanistan and Iran influence the music of Muslimgauze.


This record is dedicated to the victims of Israeli brutality in occupied West Bank and Gaza.

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