Observe With Sadiq Bey (re-issue)

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Observe With Sadiq Bey (repress / re-issue)

Staalplaat - STCD 131 (September, 2003)
jewel case with clear tray
includes gatefold insert

Observe With Sadiq Bey was originally released by Staalplaat January 19, 1999

the re-pressing is virtually the same except for the brown on the CD label being a somewhat lighter shade


  1. State Of Palestine (6.33)
  2. In Turkish Quarters (6.46)
  3. Delicate Prey Descend (7.06)
  4. Murmur You Support The Arabs (3.12)
  5. Bagel Of Poison (8.16)
  6. Bitter Years (3.01)
  7. 50 Bitter Years (7.10)
  8. Abou Hamas On Cassette Tape (5.33)
  9. Djerba (11.22)
  10. Daughter Of The Crescent Moon (4.05)
  11. Muslim Of America (1.21)
  12. Djerba (8.26)

Sleeve notes:

"The Israeli occupiers have made all the possible efforts that could be made by any colonialist to change the face of Palestine and to deny the existence of the Palestinians." Yasser Arafat, 1998

Dedicated to the Naqba, the catastrophe of 50 years ago.

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