Mullah Said

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Mullah Said

Staalplaat - archive series volume forty eight (January 11, 2021)
Dbl-LP on moss green vinyl
gatefold sleeve
limited edition of 200

Mullah Said was originally released by Staalplaat in 1998, repressed  June1, 2008, re-issued  January, 2018 & digitally re-issued May 24, 2020


side one

  1. Mullah Said (12.17)
  2. Every Grain Of Palestinian Sand (10.32)

side two

  1. Muslims Die India (12.31)

side three

  1. Muslims Die India (16.27)

side four

  1. Every Grain Of Palestinian Sand (10.53)
  2. An End (2.38)

engineered by John Delf
recorded at the Abraham Mosque, Manchester


Limited repress of 200 copies on Bandcamp ONLY, in GREEN (MOSS) - SOLID vinyl and small changes to the artwork, like mentioning second edition of 200 copies and removing the barcode.

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