Muhammadunuze (vinyl re-issue)

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Muhammadunize (re-issue)

Staalplaat - (July 28, 2022)
in gatefold sleeve with Muslimgauze comic, made by Gareth A Hopkinst
edition of 1,000

Muhammadunize was originally released by Staalplaat as part of Fatah Guerrilla November 18, 1996 & as a digital release May 26, 2020

Intifadah (Extended Re-mix) is a bonus track, originally appearing on Iran from Staalplaat September, 1988)


disc one

side one

  1. Devour(9:56)
  2. Devour(9:52)

side two

  1. Khalifate (9:39)
  2. Imad Akel (8:05)

disc two

side one

  1. Imad Akel (6:20)
  2. Intifadah (Extended Re-Mix) (17:11)

side one

  1. Khalifate (9:47)
  2. Fatah Guerilla (9:14)

recorded and mixed at Abraham Mosque, Manchester 1996


Dedicated to a Palestinian State. Free from Zionist abuse of human rights.

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