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Staalplaat - STCD 084 (May, 1995)
in digipak with brown tray
includes postcard insert
first 500 were sealed with a Palestinian Authority stamp
limited edition of 1,000


  1. Intro (1.56)
  2. Thimble Cups Of Urdu (6.46)
  3. Maroon Of Gaza (8.33)
  4. Harem Of Dogs (7.09)
  5. Harem Of Dogs (6.55)
  6. Thimble Cups Of Urdu (6.13)
  7. Blood Of Salah Jadallah (7.58)
  8. Stars Of Golan Heights (7.46)
  9. Blood Of Salah Jadallah (7.50)

all tracks written/played by Muslimgauze

recorded and engineered by John Delf
mixed by Muslimgauze and John Delf

Postcard notes:

Muslimgauze will never condemn any act of direct action, The PLO or Hamas feels is necessary to free all occupied territories.

Living in a democracy and able to vote, you cannot judge those unable to do so. When you cannot alter a situation by the vote, an occupation has to be ended by any means, those being killed in their own land, feel necessary. Imagine you are a Palestinian, marooned in Gaza, a prisoner in your own land, no vote, A future? Israel feeding and drinking off your land, what is your answer?


At about the same time this came out Staalplaat released a poster (approx. 74cm x 61cm) of an Arabic stylized Lion with a number of Muslimgauze release titles on a reddish background.

Dedicated to people forced into direct action due to vile regimes.

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