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Iranair Inflight Magazine

Staalplaat - MUSLIMLIM 021 (March, 2003)
in digipak with clear tray
limited edition of 700

part of the Muslimgauze subscription series
(see subscription page for further details)


  1. Jagdeep Radio Repairs, Zorawar Singh Marg, Old Delhi, India. (6.14)
  2. Unfinished Mosque Of The Hotel Menzah Zalagh. (9.30)
  3. In The Bazaars Of Srinagar, Chuddar Clad Women Speak Of Foreigner In Their Midst. (9.08)
  4. Mysore Cochin Bangalore. (10.02)
  5. Desent With Selim Ahmad. (10.12)
  6. A Small Intricate Box, Which Contains Old Blue Opium Marzipan. (9.39)
  7. No Maps Of Dar-Es-Salaam Show This. (6.08)

Sleeve text:

Each title is a page in the Iranair inflight magazine.


Behind a false plaster and mud partition covered with posters declaring Muslims are being massacred by the forces of imperialism, Ghulam, a tall bearded youth whispers instructions into a radio set using code words from the Koran.

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