Intifaxa (cassette version)

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Extreme - XCT 015 (May, 1990)
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Intifaxa was also released as a CD, with two tracks excluded (*)


side one

  1. Izzat (10.08)
  2. Dheisha (9.56)
  3. Fatah (10.06) *
  4. Khar Khodefi (9.23)
  5. Kirghiz (6.46)

side two

  1. P.F.L.P. (10.21)
  2. Ziggurat (10.03)
  3. Fazisi (7.10)
  4. Hama (16.30) *

all tracks written/played by Muslimgauze

engineered - F.W., Manchester
mixed and re-mixed - Datum Stuckzahl
written/played/recorded/mixed - Manchester
executive producer - Roger Richards
graphic design - Fabio Ongarato

Sleeve notes:

The sounds of Arabia are captured in confident rhythms, a pulsating bass and an enveloping ambience. This musical creativity has progressed over the past ten years to become one of the most inspiring sounds of the nineties. The Arabian countries, which are a catalyst for this release, are captured in each song. Such a picture can only be painted by Muslimgauze.

A contemporary vision of World Music.

Ethnic and Arabic rhythms in a warm seductive state.

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