The Inspirational Sounds Of Muslimgauze

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The Inspirational Sounds Of Muslimgauze (compilation)

Universal Egg - WWCD31 (September 1, 2000)
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  1. An End (from Mullah Said) (2.32)
  2. Azzazin II (from Azzazin) (5.01)
  3. Fatah Guerrilla (from Fatah Guerilla - Muhammadunize) (9.06)
  4. Guilded Gulag Mind-er (from Fatah Guerilla - Chechnya Over Dub) (2.41)
  5. Hakim Alkimi (from Fatah Guerilla - Tajik And The Persian Blind) (4.08)
  6. Hammam Jackal (from Izlamaphobia) (2.32)
  7. Hudood Ordinance (from Izlamaphobia) (8.58)
  8. Muslims Die India 1 (from Mullah Said) (12.28)
  9. Najibullah Headless (from Izlamaphobia) (5.21)
  10. Old Bombay Vinyl Junkie (from Jaal Ab Dullah) (8.13)
  11. Shimmer Then Disappear II (from Jaal Ab Dullah) (2.07)
  12. Shishla Nain Royal Bidjar (from Fatah Guerilla - Tajik And The Persian Blind) (4.16)
  13. The Sari Of Cholera (from Izlamaphobia) (4.54)

all tracks are created by Bryn Jones and used by kind permission of Staalplaat.

Selected by Zion Train, mastered by Dominic @ Wolf.
Art by Sarah Gress and Trout.
This project was hatched between Zion Train and Bryn Jones at the Big Chill Gala 1997. Special thanks to Geert-Jan and Frans for their help in bringing this release to fruition.

Sleeve notes:

"I was first interested in Faust, Can, punk, industrial and then Arabic and Indian music. The punk explosion planted a seed which later I used to make music. From my head, with my hands I create a track. I try to have the final track basic, raw keeping the track as much a rough idea as possible. I always work on reel to reel machines adding sounds, bounce to DAT, back again, adding trying things out. The first project was E.g Oblique Graph, which evolved into Muslimgauze during Israel's invasion of Lebanon. Muslimgauze doesn't express the Moslem ideology. Muslimgauze is mainly a group from Manchester influenced by Worldwide politics, the situation in Palestine and the PLO. Muslimgauze doesn't try to be recognized or accepted by the Islamic people. Music is open to all.

Every piece of music is influenced by a particular fact, be it Palestine, Iran or Afghanistan, the whole Middle East is an influence to Muslimgauze. From the political situations I am influenced to create music, endless music. There are no musical influences, only political facts and figureheads e.g. Arafat, Gadaffi, Bhutto, Khaled etc. Such things are the starting point from which Muslimgauze music is taken.

I'm non religious. It just brings so much trouble. If other people believe, then it's up to them, but it's not for me. You don't have to be "X" to appreciate "X"s situation. There is a fine line between preaching and information. The titles are used as my marks to guide people to get more information on the situations. The music isn't political, but the making of the music is; it's influenced politically.

Peace is the solution."

All above from interviews with Bryn Jones 1961-1999

On December 30, 1998 Bryn was rushed to hospital with a rare fungal infection in his blood stream. This infection seriously depleted his immune system and he developed pneumonia. On January 14 @ 22.50 GMT Bryn Jones passed away.

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