Hamas Arc (re-issue)

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Hamas Arc (2nd re-issue)

Staalplaat - STCD 051 (September, 2003)
clear jewel case tray
includes multi fold out insert

By cutting out part of the insert and submitting it along with a blank DAT & 6 IRCs you could receive the Satyajit Eye DAT.

the marked (*) tracks are taken from Vote Hezbollah (Soleilmoon, 1993), all other tracks are taken from the unreleased Shekel Of Israeli Occupation

Hamas Arc was originally released by Staalplaat October, 1993 & re-issued July, 1999

the 2003 re-pressing is virtually the same as the 1999 one except for the gold on the CD label being a shade lighter


  1. Jerusalem Knife (6.17)
  2. Khan Younis (7.12)
  3. Farsi (6.33) *
  4. Jerusalem Knife (5.08)
  5. Yasser Arafat's Radio (6.10)
  6. Zindabad (5.50) *
  7. Yasser Arafat's Radio (3.19)

all tracks written/played by Muslimgauze

engineered by John Delf
mixed by Muslimgauze & John Delf


Dedicated to the P.L.O.

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