Gun Aramaic Part 2 (vinyl re-issue)

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Gun Aramaic Part 2 (re-issue)

Aquarellist - aquarel 42-17 b (January 14, 2018)
with t-shirt & white linen bag
limited edition of 50

Gun Aramaic Part 2 was originally released on CD by Soleilmoon, 1996


side one

  1. Sikh Needle
  2. Shia Psalm
  3. Sikh Needle
  4. Saladin Mercy

side two

  1. Sharia Limb
  2. Sharia Limb
  3. Shai Psalm
  4. Alms And Gold Dust

all tracks written/played by Muslimgauze, Manchester 1994/1995

engineered by John Delf
mixed by Muslimgauze and John Delf
remastered by A.P @ GS Mastering & Post
artwork by Oleg Galay, 2017

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