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Staalplaat / EARLabs - MUSLIMLIM 019 (November, 1998)
Dig (MP3)
could be burned to CDr
includes a gatefold insert & CDr label graphics

although it has a subscription series catalogue number it is not actually a subscription series release

distributed over the Internet via EARLabs

originally made available in November 1998 but withdrawn due to service problems

made available again starting March 12, 1999, each track only available for download, from EARLabs, for one week starting June 14, 1999 until June 17, 2000 the complete set of tracks were available from EARLabs


  1. Mustafas Cassette Market Marrakesh (11.49)
  2. Abu Salim, Tripok (11.35)
  3. Bharboo Of Pakistan Railways (3.54)
  4. Fraca, Over And Near (10.55)
  5. Gitavia (.06)
  6. Aziz Al Mufarr (10.59)
  7. Murzuk (9.58)
  8. Old Arab Record Not On Compact Disc (2.10)

all tracks composed by B. Jones

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