Fakir Sind

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Fakir Sind

Soleilmoon SOL 80 CD (June 11, 1999)
clear jewel case tray
includes multi fold out insert
limited edition of 1,000


  1. Mumbai Vibe Garden (6.48)
  2. Zenana Of Ugly Thoughts (8.30)
  3. Memsahib Of Gup And Ghee (4.05)
  4. Fakir Of Gwalior (4.45)
  5. Let's Have More Dagga, Begum (3.34)
  6. The Shikari Who Wore No Dhoti (3.24)
  7. Hindu Kush Opium Crop (4.10)
  8. Left Skin Of Jaalghazi (3.58)
  9. Why No Dogs In Nizamabad (2.58)
  10. Pink Seerband (4.20)

illustrations. Simona Bortis


To coincide with this release Soleilmoon also produced a numbered limited edition poster (approx. 63.5cm x 48.25cm) of 100 and a limited edition regular poster (approx. 61cm x 46cm) of 1000.

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