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Eye For An Eye (re-issue plus)

Staalplaat - archive series fifty eight (April 30, 2023)
with 7" single in red inner sleeve & digital download sticker on LP inner sleeve
limited edition of 600

Eye For An Eye was originally released by Staalplaat October 12, 2001


side one

  1. Eye For An Eye pt1 (10:13)
  2. Sub Cahra pt2 (10:03)
  3. Red Snow pt2 (2:43)

side two (0LP)

  1. Eye For An Eye pt2 (14:02)
  2. Dimashq Frequency pt1 (5:31)
  3. Red Snow pt1 (6:03)

disc two (7" Sgl")

side one

  1. Sub Cahra pt1 (6:49)

side two

  1. Dimashq Frequency pt2 (7:33)

all tracks written, played, recorded & edited by Muslimgauze October, 1993
recorded, engineered, mixed by  John Delf


Dedicated to a united Arab response.

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