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Eye For An Eye (re-issue plus)

Staalplaat - archive series fifty eight   (April 30, 2023)
with 7" single in red inner sleeve & digital download sticker on LP inner sleeve
limited edition of 600

Eye For An Eye was originally released by Staalplaat October 12, 2001


  1. Dimashq Frequency pt1 (5:31)
  2. Dimashq Frequency pt2 (7:33)
  3. Eye For An Eye pt1 (10:13)
  4. Eye For An Eye pt2 (14:02)
  5. Sub Cahra pt1 (6:49)
  6. Sub Cahra pt2 (10:03)
  7. Red Snow pt1 (6:03)
  8. Red Snow pt2 (2:43)

all tracks written, played, recorded & edited by Muslimgauze October, 1993
recorded, engineered, mixed by  John Delf


Dedicated to a united Arab response.

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