Emak Bakia

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Emak Bakia

Concrete - CPRODCD020 (January, 1994)
(this is the number on the spine, the number on the actual disc is CDRODICD20)
includes gatefold insert


  1. Afghans (Rev. V.01) (2.45)
  2. Y.A. (Rev. V.01) (5.54)
  3. Missing Tibetans (Rev. V.01) (4.37)
  4. Y.A. (Rev. V.02) (4.17)
  5. Afghans (Rev. V.02) (2.45)
  6. Missing Tibetans (Rev. V.02) (5.35)
  7. Lahra Salem (Rev. V.01) (5.05)
  8. Y.A. (Rev. V.03) (6.05)
  9. Afghans (Rev. V.03) (3.28)

all tracks composed by Bryn Jones

all percussion arranged and played by Bryn Jones
engineered by Andrew Burton at RMB Studios, London
mixed by Jonno at Camden Lock Studios, London
digitally edited by Andy Le Vien at RMS
published by Concrete Music
artwork by Jon Bains for Convulsion

Dedicated to the PLO.


All of the times shown on the insert are about 5 seconds or less than they actually are on the CD except Y.A. (Rev. V.01). The insert lists its time at 50.49 while it is really 5.54. (ed.)

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