Dome Of The Rock

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Dome Of The Rock

ant-zen - act144 CD (June 16, 2003)
(re-pressed December, 2003)
cardboard sleeve with cardboard sleeve insert
approximately 1035 issued

re-pressing was done to repair "glitches" on some of the original copies, the original has a more metallic looking colour on the disc while the re-pressing has more of a matte colour


  1. Dome Of The Rock 1 (10.11)
  2. Dome Of The Rock 2 (11.13)
  3. Infidel Asphyxia 1 (7.25)
  4. Infidel Asphyxia 2 (7.19)
  5. Mandarin Guerilla 4 (6.46)
  6. Mount Of Olives 1 (13.38)
  7. Cairopraktor 4 (6.25)

all sounds - Muslimgauze
all tracks written/played/recorded by Muslimgauze, Manchester 1993
artwork by Salt
executive production by ant-zen


To coincide with this release, ant-zen produced a promo postcard. This can be viewed here. arrow

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