At The City Of The Dead

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At The City Of The Dead

BSI - BSI 19991 (May, 1999)
12" EP
includes insert
limited edition of 500

released as Systemwide Meets Muslimgauze


side one

  1. Contrapositive (6.06)
  2. Provisional (Dub) (4.55)

side two

  1. Smooth Prophet (1.54)
  2. Nommos' Descending (5.04)
  3. Excerpt From By The West Bank (2.35)

engineered by Josh Derry & Bryn Jones
mixed by Josh Derry, Dave Friedlander & Bryn Jones
concept, art, design & titles by Ezra Ereckson

Systemwide is Tim, Lohr, S-Dub, e.t. & Ezra

This record is for Bryn Jones 1961-1999/1378-1416

Special dedication to the UCK (Kosovo Liberation Army) and UPSUP (Student Union Of The University of Prishtina). 'Liria nuk dhurohet - por fitchet' ('Freedom is not given - it is won').

Insert notes:

We began working with Bryn Jones -Muslimgauze- in mid 1998. Our exchange of ideas via phone, fax, CD and DAT resulted in his creating over one hour of beautiful and brutal remixes of our material for release on BSI.

After the shock of learning of Bryn's death, it became apparent to us that the original title of our first release together, " the City of the Dead", was very, problematic. At the time of his passing the jackets were printed and we were ready to master the record. We were torn between wanting to honor the project as we had conceived of it together, and renaming the record in order to avoid any misunderstanding which might hurt or anger those close to Bryn.

After much discussion and debate; and after consulting with Terry Allan Bennett (long-time friend of Bryn's and administrator of the excellent Muslimgauze website) we decided to go ahead with the original idea, in order to try to maintain the integrity of the collaboration in the face of this terrible loss. . .

This first document of our combined efforts is respectfully dedicated to Bryn Jones, a master of his craft, and a wonderful person to have worked with as much (or as little) as we did.

A portion of the profits from this record will be donated to the Kosovo Humanitarian Relief Organization, a non-profit group that assists people in that stricken part of the world.



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