Completely Oblique

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Completely Oblique (compilation)

The Label - GAUZE 1CD (June 12, 2002)
clear double jewel case tray
includes gatefold insert & information business card
limited edition of 251 on black CDrs

released as E.g Oblique Graph


disc one

  1. Fall Into Glass (from Extended Play) (2.23)
  2. Merge (from Extended Play) (4.52)
  3. Murders Linked To Gaullist Clique (from Extended Play) (9.02)
  4. Scar (from Piano Room) (3.00)
  5. Affirm/Deny (from Piano Room) (5.51)
  6. Choir-Screen (from Piano Room) (3.41)
  7. Human Rights (from Piano Room) (2.18)
  8. After Commentary (from Piano Room) (2.46)
  9. Off Chance (from Piano Room) (8.15)
  10. The Piano Room (from Piano Room) (20.44)

disc two

  1. Black Cloth Behind De Gaulle's Wax Head (from Triptych) (5.17)
  2. Triptych (from Triptych) (6.43)
  3. Study Of Red Pope (Innocent X) (from Triptych) (8.00)
  4. Castro Regime (from Triptych) (3.06)
  5. Islamic Koran In Camera Dome (from Inhalt) (8.49)
  6. Rapid White Flag In Snapshot Blur (from Inhalt) (9.51)

all music written, played, recorded and mixed by Bryn Jones

artwork. Bryn Jones
design. Pretentious

Sleeve notes:

Completely Oblique

The material contained within this set are from the period pre-dating the cult legend that is Muslimgauze. This was an era that Bryn did not like to talk about but my feeling has always been that he never gave himself enough credit for his past works. This tendency was not directed solely at these works but all of his older works. He was so involved in his ever evolving work that once a piece was finished he was on to new and what he always considered better material.

When I broached the subject of possible re-issues of past material he was not overly eager. There was always so much still to be released that he felt it would be waste to worry about what had gone before.

I could never get Bryn to believe just how important his music was and how many people were really interested in what he was doing. It is one of those sad facts that since his death there has been so much more interest shown in his work. What a shame that we live in a society that doesn't realize what they have until it is gone. A failing of the human species, it seems.

In an attempt to make these rather rare recordings available to more listeners I'm pleased to present this release. As Bryn is no longer here to provide us with his endless stream of genius, I hope he'd understand my digression.

You're missed everyday, Bryn.

The Edge (May 22, 2002)

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