Complete Oblique

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Complete Oblique

Vinyl On Demand - VOD 31 (June 15, 2006)
standard edition hand numbered limited edition of 250
gatefold sleeve

released as E.g Oblique Graph

Complete Oblique was originally released, as Completely Oblique, by The Label, 2002

includes additional track *


LP 1

side A

  1. Fall Into Glass (2.20)
  2. Merge (4.52)
  3. Murders Linked To Gaullist Clique (9.16)
  4. Extreme Faction (re-mix) (4.43) *
  5. Black Cloth Behind De Gaulle's Wax Head (4.58)

side B

  1. Islamic Koran In Camera Dome (8.51)
  2. Rapid White Flag On Snapshot Blur (9.56)
  3. Triptych (6.27)

LP 2

side A

  1. Scar (3.02)
  2. Affirm/Deny (5.49)
  3. Choir-Screen (3.39)
  4. Human Rights (2.16)
  5. After Commentary (2.44)
  6. Off Chance (8.14)
  7. Castro Regime (3.02)

side B

  1. The Piano Room (20.53)
  2. Study Of The Red Pope (Innocent X) (7.48)


Complete Oblique

In 2002, The Label re-issued the majority of these tracks in a two CDr set titled "Completely Oblique". This compilation was missing one track that I was unable to track down in time for the release. Vinyl On Demand now makes available the complete set of officially released E.g Oblique Graph tracks in this new double LP set titled fittingly "Complete Oblique".

The tracks have been re-ordered to maintain the maximum sound quality of the release but I hope that does not detract from the intentions here.

I am always very pleased to see labels take an interest in what Bryn did and will always support their endeavours to make the material available in all the various formats. It’s also a pleasant surprise to find people like Frank, at Vinyl On Demand, that continue to release interesting material on the vinyl format. I really wish there were more doing so; it is a media that is close to my heart. An age thing undoubtedly.

It has been over seven years since Bryn left us to fend for ourselves but there is still very few days that pass I don’t send a thought his way. He is and always will be missed.

The Edge (May, 2006)

(The following comments are taken from the "Completely Oblique" notes and are included here because I still believe very strongly in them.)

I could never get Bryn to believe just how important his music was and how many people were really interested in what he was doing. It is one of those sad facts that since his death there has been so much more interest shown in his work. What a shame that we live in a society that doesn't realize what it has until it's gone. A failing of the human species, it seems.

The Edge (May, 2002)

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