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Classics Selection (compilation)

BSI - BSI 029-2 (January 21, 2003)
digipak with clear tray

released as Muslimgauze / Systemwide / Sound Secretion

includes exclusive bonus tracks *



  1. Smooth Prophet (from At The City Of The Dead) (1.53)
  2. Nommos Descending (from The City Of The Dead) (5.03)
  3. Excerpt from By The West Bank (from The City Of The Dead) (2.34)
  4. Nommos' Ark (from Nommos' Return) (5.08)
  5. Nommos' Ghosts (from Nommos' Return) (7.27)
  6. Skip The Sun (6.26) *


  1. Contrapositive (from The City Of The Dead) (6.03)
  2. Provisional (Dub) (from The City Of The Dead) (4.54)
  3. Aswan Dub (5.51) *

Sound Secretion

  1. Sound Secretion in the City (from Sound Secretion Dub) (3.47)
  2. Frequency Seduction (from Sound Secretion Dub) (4.18)
  3. Beat Trilogy (from Sound Secretion Dub) (3.38)
  4. In The Eye Of Dub (from Sound Secretion Dub) (2.49)
  5. 4AM Dub (from Sound Secretion Dub) (2.04)
  6. Shifting Dub (from Sound Secretion Dub) (2.53)
  7. Echoic Memory Dub (3.48) *

Muslimgauze tracks were all recorded, engineered and ,mixed by Bryn Jones.
Edits and additional production by Josh Derry AKA Alter Echo AKA Sound Secretion.
Systemwide tracks 1 & 2 recorded live July 27, 1998.
Recorded and engineered by Dave Friedlander and Josh Derry.
Systemwide track 1 mixed and arranged by Dave Friedlander and Josh Derry.
Systemwide track 2 mixed by Josh Derry.
Systemwide track 3 recorded in 2002 at Smegma Studios and produced by Jay Bozich AKA King Fader.
Sound Secretion tracks created, recorded, engineered and mixed by Josh Derry.
Additional production on track 5 Dave Friedlander and Kyle Flynn.
All material mastered by Ryan Foster and Alter Echo at Freq Mastering, Portland, Oregon.
Art and design by Ezra Ereckson and Little Red.

Sleeve notes:

Systemwide Meets Muslimgauze at the City of the Dead and Sound Secretion Dub were companion 12" EPs released in hand-screened editions of 500 each, shortly after Bryn Jones (Muslimgauze) had died in the winter of 1999. The former was dedicated to Bryn and a portion of the proceeds went to the Kosovo Humanitarian Relief Organization. Sound Secretion Dub was recorded primarily on a 4 track in New York City before Sound Secretion settled in Portland and evolved into Alter Echo. Echoic Memory Dub was intended for release on his split picture disc with DJ Spooky, but was held back specifically for this CD. Systemwide Meets Muslimgauze. Nommos' Return was released a year after the 12"s, as a hand-stamped 10" EP in an edition of 2000. All of Muslimgauze's tracks on these two records are remixes of Systemwide material sent to Bryn in 1999. Bryn's musical influence continues to be felt from the uninterrupted stream of new Muslimgauze music being released. He also continues to move us personally, through his example of uncompromising allegiance to one's vision and beliefs - regardless of critics and naysayers.

Ezra / BSI

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