Chechnya Over Dub (vinyl re-issue)

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Chechnya Over Dub (re-issue)

I Shall Sing Until My Land Is Free - May 3, 2022
Dbl-LP (three sided)
limited edition of 600

Chechnya Over Dub was originally released by Staalplaat as part of Fatah Guerrilla November 18, 1996 & as a digital release Chechnya Over Dub May 26, 2020


disc one

side one

  1. Resume And Shaduf 5.35
  2. Gifts From An Afghan 5.31
  3. Pahlavi Engineer 7.56

side two

  1. Guilded Gulag Mind-er 2.42
  2. Under The Influence Of Kolera 4.34
  3. Devotion Of Abdul Karim 3.51
  4. Camel Abuse Does Not Egzist In Mogadisu 4.19

disc two

side one

  1. Girl In A Red Turban 5.01
  2. Peacock Headress 3.56
  3. Sari Of Acidic Colours 4.54
  4. Untitled 3.11

side two


all tracks written, played & recorded by Muslimgauze
release produced by Dmytro Federenko
design by Zavoloka

Sleeve notes:

Dedicated to an independent Chechnya.

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