Beyond The Blue Mosque

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Beyond The Blue Mosque (compilation)

Staalplaat - STCD 116 (April 24, 1997)
clear jewel case tray
includes gatefold insert & information insert regarding Staalplaat's Muslimgauze subscription series (see subscription page for further details)


  1. Vanilla Jellaba (from Izlamaphobia) (3.40)
  2. Track 9 (from Azzazin) (1.48)
  3. Libya Extract (from Return Of Black September) (9.46)
  4. Najibullah Headless (from Izlamaphobia) (5.16)
  5. Deceiver (from Deceiver) (24.12)
  6. Beseej (from Zealot 10") (3.38)
  7. Track 12 (from Azzazin) (1.56)
  8. Track 13 (from Azzazin) (2.59)
  9. Help Of Hamas (from Zealot 10") (2.35)

Sleeve notes:

This is the first Muslimgauze compilation, selected and assembled by Berry Kamer with tracks taken from the first eight limited Muslimgauze releases, all sold out at the date of release.

The sleeve also contains notes on the subscription series release, found on the individual pages of this site.

Information regarding the subscription series (see subscription page for further details)

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