Bass Communion v Muslimgauze (re-issue)

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Bass Communion v Muslimgauze (re-issue / repress)

Soleilmoon - SOL 89 CD (September, 2000)
clear jewel case tray
limited edition of ?
includes gatefold insert

Bass Communion v Muslimgauze was originally released by Soleilmoon September, 1999

re-pressing is identical to the original except the text on the cover is black

released as Bass Communion v Muslimgauze


  1. One (8.36)
  2. Two (7.14)
  3. Three (13.04)
  4. Four (4.58)
  5. Five (10.38)

Bass Communion
Steven Wilson (London) - instruments - editing
Bryn Jones (Manchester) - rhythms - loops

written, played and recorded by Bass Communion/Muslimgauze 1996/97
final mix and edit 1999

photography by Carl Glover
graphic design by Carl Glover

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