The Suns Of Arqa Remixs

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The Suns Of Arqa Mixes

Arka Sound - ARKA 22120 (April 13, 2001)
includes gatefold insert


  1. Horntid House (3.29)
  2. Further Beyond (2.15)
  3. Echoes of Melchizidech (2.50)
  4. How Further Now is Heaven (3.26)
  5. Find the Missing Chord I Play (3.33)
  6. Tick Tock Drop (3.35)
  7. Wasz Whirling (3.34)
  8. It's In Me (3.06)
  9. Muslim Profit (2.22)
  10. Annannage (2.30)
  11. Gawati (3.37)
  12. Where's the Missing Chord (3.33)
  13. Hey Jagunath (4.10)
  14. Acid Bends (4.20)
  15. Khammurabi (3.16)
  16. Zorasta (3.50)
  17. Shamash (2.49)
  18. Bha Ravi (9.11)

Sleeve notes:

I met Bryn (Muslimgauze) Jones some time ago, when I was living in Ashton-under-Lyne. He came around to my house with a guy from Tokyo called Noddy, who was releasing his music in Japan and suggested we do an album together. They went away that day with copies of recordings I had been working on. These are the mixes he did, I never saw him again.

Suns Of Arqa have no political agenda other than hope for unity, wisdom and happiness for all sentient beings.

Chill in Peace Bryn

One Love Wadada

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