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Armsbazzar (compilation plus)

Essence - ESS011 - (August 14, 2008)
box set edition limited to 149 hand numbered copies, included is the standard edition with poster wrapped in hand-painted and rubber stamped cloth, a set of 6 5-color printed cards with artwork and drawings by the genius Iranian artist Mohammad Fadaei and a silk-screened-hand-painted 73x55cm cotton cloth also displaying a disturbing image by Mr. Fadaei. Plus strange souvenirs, including a set of arms and a small doll - all of them handmade items representing elements from the album artwork

originally released as Hebron Massacre (Soleilmoon, 1997) & Gulf Between Us (Soleilmoon, 1994) singles plus two tracks from the unreleased Zamindar album


  1. Armsbazzar (3.22)
  2. Gulf Between Us (23.37)
  3. Hebron Massacre (25.29)
  4. Zaffaran (9.38)

Recorded in Manchester, 1994-97
artwork by Mohammad Fadaei
mastered by Peter Andersson

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