Alms For Iraq

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Alms for Iraq

Soleilmoon - SOL 129 (April 15, 2004)
Dig (available in multiple formats)

Alms For Iraq was originally released by Soleilmoon November 11, 2003


  1. Harizat (3.38)
  2. Izzedin Al-Qassam (5.14)
  3. Gold Kalpakcilar Dome Pt 1/2 (3.43)
  4. Pale Elegant Egyptian (1.34)
  5. Hab Al-Zeitoun (4.29)
  6. Dark Bedouin Silver (6.13)
  7. Gujurati Moon (2.28)
  8. Alms for Iraq (2.23)
  9. Dirhams Your Dirhams (4.39)
  10. Hari Rupee (5.13)
  11. Divine Pink Jinn (1.23)
  12. Yigal Gun Amir (1.42)
  13. Gulf Camel Baksheesh (2.08)
  14. Kapali Carsi Souk (1.14)
  15. Date Odeur (4.11)
  16. Za-Hazzanani (1.20)
  17. Mehmet Quarter (2.39)
  18. Donated Organ (2.38)
  19. Bombay Wire Less (4.00)
  20. Malacca Cane (3.26)
  21. Serpent Sting (2.23)
  22. Caravan Sari (.37)
  23. Fathi Shqaqi (1.40)
  24. Skin Tone (.13)
  25. Madhat Basha (2.26)
  26. Tamil Tiger S.O.S. (3.59)

All tracks written, played, recorded by Muslimgauze in Manchester.

Cover photo by Susilo Hadi/Getty Images.
Graffiti photos by iyou.
All other images collected from Iraqi and Palestinian websites.

Sleeve notes:

"The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religions but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact. Non-Westerners never do." - Samual P. Huntington, Harvard Professor & author

"As long as there is oppression and injustice, as long as there are people deprived of freedom, there will be liberation struggles. This is the law of history." - Edward Ndopu, President, Caprivi African National Union

America, liberating the people of Iraq at the end of a gun.

Bryn Jones, AKA Muslimgauze, recorded this album in December 1995, just three years before his early and unexpected death at the age of 38. The master tape he submitted ran over 77 minutes, which meant two minutes had to be edited out to make this 75 minute CD. Todd Chatalas at Northwestern Inc. did such a masterful editing job you can’t tell anything’s missing.

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