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D.O.R. - ADOR2357 (September 13, 2000)
a Muslimgauze remix project
includes gatefold insert

a silent video (2.35) is included (in four formats) on disc two


disc one

  1. Loaded Guns For Iraq - Moondogg (3.36)
  2. Hard Rest - Talvin Singh (10.11)
  3. Open Sesame - Pearl (4.40)
  4. Infinite Luke Warm Vibe II - Luke Vibert (8.18)
  5. We Two Are None/Tangier Box - Apollon (12.08)
  6. Each Tear (Of Fatima) - Spooncurve (3.44)
  7. So So - Oyster (6.25)
  8. The Avantgardist - Doppler 20.20 (11.03)

disc two

  1. Infinite Luke Warm Vibe III - Luke Vibert (6.05)
  2. Jam Jarr - V-Neck (6.46)
  3. More Hard Rest - Talvin Singh (2.45)
  4. Small Steps To Palestine - Doppler 20.20 (5.50)
  5. Tears For Allah - Spooncurve (4.36)
  6. Tongue Knife - Pearl (6.07)
  7. Dune - Force Of Angels (4.56)
  8. This Gun Is Still Bleeding Loaded - Moondogg (10.04)
  9. Devabansha - Makyo/Bill Laswell (6.08)

this Muslimgauze remix album was compiled in association with Law and Auder Records

Sleeve notes:

This Muslimgauze compilation is a series of re-mixes, which he chose to do, for some artists I was working with at the time and re-mixes of acts that appeared on my friend Philip Earle's Law and Auder compilations.

We left all tracks in tact, with no edits, as we felt they should be in their entirety (and notoriety), so they can be heard in all their brutal, radical, and at times beautiful, brilliance as we received them. Track titles are also as he named them, rather than the original track titles the artists gave their work.

As most of this work has never been released before, there may be a few surprises for Muslimgauze fans. I believe he was entering a new phase in his work just before he died, one that sadly he never got to fulfil to it's potential. Nevertheless, his output and commitment to his work while he was with us, leaves behind him some great and varied work and has made a huge impact with anyone that knew him.

We dedicate this album to the music and memory of Bryn Jones.

Martin Lee-Stephenson - September 2000

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