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one 3 min unreleased track

Zealot flexi postcard on Bandcamp

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Muslimgauze, the name under which Brit Bryn Jones (1961-1999) made music, is I think (besides Frank Zappa) the only musician whose number of releases in my collection exceeds 200. But unlike Zappa, Muslimgauze's are almost all unique publications, few reissues or remasters (although there are). Jones' output was huge (see also blogs #2, #108 and #246), as evidenced by the fact that 23 years after his death, previously unreleased music is still appearing. Also this week a new edition appeared, called Zealot. No unknown term for the Muslimgauze connoisseurs, because editions under that title have already appeared.

For example, in 1994 there was the double album Zealot on which there is a delicious mix of experimental mid-tempo ambient with dub and tribal influences. The album was published as mail-order only in an edition of 575 copies. On the second CD, the sound is sometimes slightly distorted, but this in no way spoils the listening experience. Still, Jones asked not to release a re-pressing of the album, although this may also be because he preferred to release new work. As a result, Zealot quickly became a popular item for which you still have to pay between 50 and 80 euros for a second-hand. Fortunately, the album is now also available digitally on Bandcamp.

Two years later a new edition appeared, again under the title Zealot, in an edition of 200 pieces in the Muslimgauze Subscription series. Wrapped in a transparent cover were two sheets of handmade paper with excerpts from Arabic newspapers and a pink 10-inch vinyl record. On this Zealot there are songs with a somewhat different atmosphere than on the double album of the same name. The long track on side A is much balder, rougher and more experimental and the tracks on side B are very percussive, with the exception of the noise outburst in the last track.

Also after this, the term Zealot (zealot = zealot = zealot, bigot, fanatic) came back a number of times in songs on different albums: Poona Eunuch (Zealot Mix), Zealot Box and Purdah Zealot, each with its own character (at the bottom of the blog are also the links to the albums).

And then this week there is another edition called Zealot, in an edition of 250 pieces. Again unreleased work and this time only one track, but the release is special. It is a postcard flexi disc, or a postcard that can be played on a record player. The sound quality of flexi-discs is of course limited because of the material used, so it is nice that you also get the track in streaming and download options (in CD quality) via Bandcamp when purchasing.

This still unknown Zealot track reminds me of Veiled Sisters from 1993, one of my favorite Muslimgauze albums. Both in terms of performance and music a nice addition to the catalog.

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September 25, 2022