Zealot (EP)

10" Vinyl Only - available NOW!! (July, 1996)

The second 10" is an edition of 200 copies, again in the hand-crafted paper cover. Candy red vinyl. Titles silk-screened on plastic PVC cover. Grab now, or miss out. Displays the harder &rhythmic side of Muslimgauze. The first Muslimgauze vinyl to have a lock groove.

Press release from Staalplaat.

The following appears in All Music Guide.

Unrelated to the album of the same name, Zealot contains six songs and has one of Muslimgauze's more notable design packages; encased in clear vinyl, the 10" 33 rpm record itself was coated on both sides in a covering of Arabic newspaper which had been pulped, and which needed to be peeled away to get to the actual disc. One side consists of a long track, "Arabs Killed by Israel." One of Bryn Jones' most straightforwardly emotional pieces, it consists of a drum-machine, dirge-paced crunch with soft, mournful keyboard lines set against some steady drones. It's rather different from the norm for Muslimgauze, almost sounding like one of the Sisters of Mercy's moodier instrumentals, and it stands out all the more for it. The remaining five tracks are a mixed bunch, ranging from the clattering, not-half-bad "Baseej" and the attractive shimmer of "Majlis" to the seconds-long "Help of Hamas," which ends in a locked-loop of feedback.

review by Ned Raggett
All Music Guide

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Zealot (EP)

January 11, 2017