Vampire Of Tehran

release date: now available (April 2, 1998)

Yes, it seems no month/week/day will pass without one. This latest CD is NOT part of the subscription, as this is one of Muslimgauze more colourful works to date. Think of the percussion you hear from world music artists like percussionist Hossam Ramzy (who is sampled by 808 State a lot..) and this is it. But without any compromise , Muslimgauze takes the studio distortion as a rhythmical attraction, toast it up with spicy vocals.

Muslimgauze is likely to get the most unlikely - yet truly unique - trance sound ever. Perfect for any club with an international attitude in its more laid back areas.

"Vampire Of Tehran' comes just in time for the forthcoming interview with one of the biggest Israeli newspapers later this month.

Press release from Staalplaat.

The following appeared in Chain D.L.K.

Vampire Of Tehran (Staalplaat CD-11tx-49') still has got many traces of the Arabic culture, even if the overall atmospheres and sounds are decidedly more electronics-oriented. The songs are built on repeating rhythmical and sound patterns, loops and other electronic beats and then there are layers of sampled vocals, other sampled sounds which seem to be cut and then re-sewn together. There are also some dub hints! The cover art work comes black with black printings! Really rare!

review by Marc Urselli-Schaerer
Chain D.L.K. Magazine (Issue #5)

The following appeared in Digital Intersect Magazine.

With every passing album, Muslimgauze makes an abrupt change in direction. Despite having an easily recognizable sound and style, the distinct middle-eastern influence, Muslimgauze's Bryn Jones seems to be trying something different on every recording released. His works range from straight techno to hip-hop styled drum and bass to ambience. The amount of material he records and releases through the Soleilmoon and Staalplaat labels, plus the limited edition subscription series, is overwhelming. I find it hard to believe even the most dedicated fans are able to keep up with them all. But the fact that Muslimgauze is able to release so many titles allows Jones to engage in musical exploration.

On Vampire of Tehran Muslimgauze utilizes age-old instruments of string, woodwind, and percussion to craft exotic rhythm and trance scores. "Arabs Improved Spain" is the kind of simple, yet addictive, track that only Muslimgauze and few others have the ability to create. This rhythmically intoxicating track will have you constantly pressing the repeat button. "Strap Sticks of Dynamite Around Her Body" has a similar effect.

Unfortunately the entire album doesn't hold up so well, a track or two are a bit dull and redundant. Even so, Vampire of Tehran is an excellent album, despite not being one of Muslimgauze's best recordings. It's probably not even the best you'll hear from Jones this year, but still well worth the $13 retail price.

review by Barry D. Scheffel
Digital Intersect Magazine (Issue #2 Summer 1998)

The following appeared in Bodystyler.

Who's still getting sight on all the releases of Muslimgauze? There's a "abonnement" - series, a "Sonar vs. Muslimgauze" is also planned, then there's the "Farouk Enjineer" and right now "Vampire of Tehran" and and and. This CD is supposed to describe a day in the life of an Arabian serial killer with music. But because I'm neither an Arabian nor a serial killer, I can't estimate this at all, but the CD is very nice. Drawer?
Doesn't seem to exist. Or maybe something like "Arabian Ambient-Dub-Industrial with noodle soup".

review by Carsten Stiller
Bodystyler (Issue #25 1998)

The following appears on

Powerful short album.

These tracks make use of short vocal snippets, cleverly placed in weaves of militant and hard-edged Arabic rhythms. First track is a chilling exercise in icy minimalism - repetitive yet not boring. Powerful and a little scary. The rest of album isn't as strong, but still good.

leo (Beijing, China, February 14, 2006)

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