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The first 12 tracks which open Uzi are more cinematic, sparse, moody and not so overtly Middle Eastern, though definitely bearing an influence. Percussion, often backed by electric drones and shimmering accents, forms a living, breathing atmosphere of impending menace. 13 tracks are between 3 and 4 minutes. The five closing tracks are sectioned together as The Rape of Palestine; Shadow of the West (8:23) incorporates more elements including samples, faster beats, more instrumentation like flutes and organs. A Nation loses the percussion entirely, relying instead on a dense haze from which various sounds (many faraway birds) and instruments emerge. This disc is out of print, so if you find one, grab it.

review by Link O'Rama (a.k.a. David J. Opdyke)
This review originally appeared in Overviews on AmbiEntrance January, 1999

see also Uzi (Rape Of Palestine)

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April 25, 2022