Released: 10/03/19

The edition is available in two versions. 111 numbered copies in a digipak from designer cardboard with silk-screen printing (30 copies with a t-shirt). 300 copies in an offset digipak.

MUSLIMGAUZE "Untitled" (2000) - this "nameless" creation was published by Klanggalerie publishing house, and in a strange way sends the listener back to 1993, to the albums "Betrayal" and "Veiled Sisters", being their obvious and natural continuation. Slow and soft, like a lump of hashish, either a dub or a lounge with an intoxicating sultry sound it immerses the listener in a light trance ... it gives you a feeling as if you are lying down for an afternoon nap somewhere on the outskirts of the Palestinian bazaar, and you have no strength to move to shake off this obsessive stupor.

Someone is a chatting nearby, something is tapping, somewhere in the vicinity there is an incomprehensible life and households ... but to get up - there is no strength. Not even to open your eyes ... because bliss, heat and trance. Incredibly atmospheric and hypnotic hypostasis MUSLIMGAUZE. Definitely recommended.

All tracks written by Bryn Jones 1993. Mastered at Future Studios, Vienna, November 1999. Previously released by Klanggalerie, gg14, January 01, 2000. Tracks 3 and 13 previously released on limited picture 7" by Syntactic (muslim 15), March 30, 1996. Design by Oleg Galay

Press release from Aquarellist.

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Untitled (CD re-issue) Untitled (special edition CD re-issue)

January 4, 2020