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The following appears on Staalplaat's Muslimgauze Bandcamp page.

Its 21 years (wow) after Bryn Jones death, and still unreleased tracks are popping up. Like this new Techno Arabaqua tape. A tape where Bryn brings techno dance music, different from what we are used to hear from Muslimgauze, but not in itself. Again menacing rhythms and compelling percution are the main ingredients. The 24-minute Techno Arab Aqua B will not let you go and might land you on the dance floor. you will find Captivating and beautiful techno tracks on this Muslimgaze tape;

It is material from The Muslimgauze sound sketchbook.

The three tracks of Techno Araboqua explore a moody, rugged techno that's fairly distinct in his catalogue, dusty snares and acid blips on manoeuvres around an advancing kickdrum. The Wire

Techno Arabaqua on Bandcamp

The following appeared on Black online.

Both the title of this nicely opened cassette and the description on the Bandcamp page of the label are probably to be understood as a warning: Muslimgauze goes techno. The "Audio Restoration" by Radboud Mens, who took on the tracks from the "sound sketchbook", Bryn Jones is certainly responsible for this.

In fact, this "album" is quite technoid, which in turn is not atypical for Muslimgauze, but my personal taste is more likely to be met by the pieces and albums of the well-known, very extensive oeuvre, which primarily go in a different direction. But there is no shortage of "ethno" and "tribal" elements – is that so politically correct? – and the rhythms are bubbling and the bass is buzzing and vibrating, that it is definitely a pleasure or, can be.

Let me put it this way: This "techno album" is quite enough Muslimgauze to go through as a successful piece of music – and as a collector's item anyway. But I will probably only be able to enjoy it if you can not only nod your head at home, but can dance properly in a club again. But then come on! And hopefully DJs should listen in now. Muslimgauze fanatics will have done this long ago.

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Black online

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Techno Arabaqua Techno Arabaqua (Dig)

May 12, 2021