Sarin Israel Nes Ziona

The following appeared on the Islamaphonia 2 mailing list.

The review on the Pretentious site is a little too giddy, but I had heard that this album was indeed more dance oriented. And yes, it is Muslimgauze styled electronic dance music.

The album is 61 minutes long with the first five seconds taken from the "Muslimlim 028" album. So I suppose Bryn intended this album to follow it. The covers says limited edition of 700, but mine is not numbered.

It's a beat oriented album, but not percussion heavy like with "Jaal Ab Dullah". BTW – anyone notice that the writing on the disc and inner tray card are the song titles to the first thirteen songs on the album?

Anyway, I suppose you could say the music is a mix of "Muslimlim 028" and "Baghdad" with the loud vinyl crackles and ambient background sounds, but without the heavy dub flavor of "Baghdad".

If you have "Fatah Guerilla", check out song 8, "Camel Abuse…" on the "Chechnya Over Dub" disc. That's the style of dance music on this album. Very upbeat, but heavy… not happy. I believe if Bryn had more time, he could have made each of these songs into an extended 12" DJ series and done very well.

review by governorchavez
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Sarin Israel Nes Ziona Sarin Israel Nes Ziona (digital re-issue)

January 11, 2017